Thank you for your interest in working with USA Couriers. We are always looking for new partners, and the majority of the couriers we work with today we’ve worked with for years.

Our expectations are simple:

At all times Dropbox Liner purpose is to serve the customer with speed, fairness, honesty and integrity.

Communication If you can do a job, great! If you can’t or don’t think you can – TELL US. We won’t think poorly of you, we will respect your honesty.

Honesty -We need to know if there are delays or issues. We don’t work with dishonest people.

Integrity– We work with many medical facilities. Integrity insures patient rights (HIPAA), business confidentiality and competent service.

Professionalism -Couriers are our face to the world & our success depends upon your success. Being professional with both clients and dispatchers creates more work.

Attire – we request all couriers to wear clean jeans or khakis as well as a clean shirt. In the summer postal worker style shorts are acceptable. No cutoffs, torn jeans or stomach revealing shirts.

All of the couriers are Independent Contractors and use their own vehicles. Please be prepared to send a copy of your vehicle insurance, drivers license & if you have a TSA#, Biohazard or Hazmat certificate. We work with the courier. While we can never guarantee work, we will call you.

Select the appropriate link below to submit your information. PLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR CITY IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF ALL EMAILS. Please send to: [email protected] (remove spaces)

If you are interested in partnering with USA Couriers please download the applicable form below, complete, sign in the space provided, fax the completed agreement via our email or phone number [email protected] (remove spaces).


INTERNATIONAL Forwarding Partners